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June 16, 2016 2 min read

GoPros nowadays became every adventurer’s best friend. It is a waterproof device, one of its promising features making it the no. 1 choice trusted to capture and record breathtaking water adventures in HD quality.

However, there were some concerns raised about the output produced under certain conditions and how just a tiny drop of water on its lenses can ruin an excellent shot. Smudges, water drops and even mud on its screens became so distressing for causing blurry images. Here are some sample shots taken with GoPro:


Water drops distressingly ruins the view.


This could have been an awesome view!


The person is no longer the focus of this footage.


A headless surfer? This could have been an excellent shot but…


The sun, the sky, and the waves. A footage that could have been perfect.


This could possibly ruin your mood after a fun and excellent trip.


Everything’s almost perfect except to one thing - water drop.


A water drop distressingly distorts the subjects’ image.




Can a water drop do worse than this?


With these problems, some users came up with solutions that sound weird and funny but actually works temporarily such as licking the lens and even rubbing body oil on it. On the other hand, GoClear Solutions came up with a new and better innovation called “GoClear Hydrophobic Lens Protectors”, a no.1 hydrophobic and anti-scratch GoPro Lens protectors; It repels even the dirtiest water drop and produces excellent shots even in worst conditions. A solution that lasts up to 6 months of effective use and has fingerprint-free and oil resistant properties. Constant licking and rubbing of body oil no more! These GoClear Hydrophobic Lens Protectors are now every GoPros’ bestfriend and every GoPro users’ must have.


GoClear Solutions doesn't own any of these photos. All credits and rights are reserved to the owner.

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