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HERO 8 LENS+SCREEN Hydrophobic PRO-REPEL (4 Years)

Compatible: GoPro® Hero 8

Your adventures deserve to be captured, no more precious moments ruined by a dirty lens. 

From summiting every peak, to shredding every decent. 

Riding a 10 foot wave, to stomping that new trick. 

Your GoPro can handle it all, and now your LENS can too.   

PRO-REPEL means we take a piece of high quality optical glass, create a super slick surface similar to teflon. Apply our revolutionary 16 layer anti-glare coating to actively repel water, then secure it all down with a high strength optical glue. Thats #RecordWithoutLimits.

  • 1 x Premier GLASS Lens Protector,
  • 1 x Premier GLASS Screen Protector,
  • 1 x PET Front Screen Protector.

'When adventure can take you anywhere, you need a lens that can keep up' - Chris (founder)

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