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At XCLEAR we understand your lens is at the mercy of the elements. This lead us on a journey to revolutionise a coating that met your demands. Now in liquid form our best ever coatings can be applied directly to wherever you need the PRO-REPEL boost.

FOR GLASS ONLY -It will not damage plastic, but will not work with GoPro domes - a plastic version is coming soon for GoPro domes.

Works With:

  • All Action Cameras, 
  • CCTV cameras, 
  • Reversing Car Cameras, 
  • Car windshields, 


  • 1 x PRO-REPEL Liquid Coating,
  • 1 x Microfibre carry case,
  • 5 x installation cotton buds.

Applications: 5ml = 50 applications for cameras lens (each application lasts around 2 to 4 weeks)


'When adventure can take you anywhere, you need a lens that can keep up' - Chris (founder)

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