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Is the protector easy to apply?

Yes, it can be applied with our three step process explained in detail on the packaging. For a visual demonstration please see the following video: 


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we ship internationally anywhere in the world at a small cost of 1.50 GBP (2.34 USD, 2.10 EUR) to handle our shipping charges overseas.

I’ve applied my protector incorrectly?

No problem, everyone deserves a second chance! We offer a 60 day money back guarantee. Simply send the product back to our fulfillment house (postage paid by the buyer), and we will happily replace your product within the 60 days:

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I already use Rain X, why should i choose your product?

The are several benefits of our product over competitors. Firstly, we protect your lens housing from scratches, including light scratches that may affect clarity.

Secondly, our hydrophobic technology is applied during manufacture, and therefore lasts much longer. In our independent testing, our hydrophobic protectors held off water between 4 - 6 months*.

For a more detailed comparison visit:

*Based on wear and use of the protector.


I would like to retail/distribute GoClear Products, do you offer wholesale discounts?

We would love to get you on board with us! Please contact to discuss this opportunity:

There are still waterdrops on my footage?

First of all, please check you have removed the front protective layer to expose the hydrophobic surface.

We searched far and wide for the best in hydrophobic protection for your protector. It has been thoroughly tested against competitors to ensure it is the best method of reducing waterdrops currently on the market. However given this, small waterdrops may still occur, they are at a greatly reduced occurrence and often affect the footage far less.

For a direct comparison of GoClear vrs Without GoClear:

For a comparison of GoClear vrs Rain X:http://vidpromom.com/goclear-review-alternative-to-rain-x-for-gopros/

60 Day Money Back guarantee?

If you are unhappy with the product for any reason, please follow the steps:
Email:goclearsolutions@outlook.com to explain the issues.
Post: Send the product back to the our forfillment house:
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(Return postage to be paid by customer)