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iPhone LENS+SCREEN Hydrophobic PRO-REPEL (4 Years)



We opted for high quality 0.33mm Gorilla Corning Glass. This ensures high luminous transmittance without compromising on strength or clarity.


Hate rain drops playing with the screen? Our repellent coatings minimise this!
It’s all in the revolutionary coatings. We focused on reducing surface friction and eliminating fingerprints. This gives a screen protector that not only feels great, but will stay looking great.

Your phone is an amazing tool for your adventures. However when the screen and lens is at the mercy of the elements, it calls for a screen protector with a difference.


1 x Screen Protector

1 x Lens protector

1 x Microfibre bag + installation pack.

XCLEAR PRO-REPEL Hydrophobic Lens Protector:
Keeping your camera lens clean is our speciality. Our revolutionary 16 layer PRO-REPEL coating allows your lens to repel water/mud/dust whilst minimising glare.

'When adventure can take you anywhere, you need a lens that can keep up' - Chris (founder)