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May 24, 2016 3 min read

GoClear: The essential accessory for GoPro

If there is something that has brought a great impact and change into every person’s life, definitely, it is photography. At the present time, it has been considered a priority and even a need to many. Our lives are unique and special and every moment in it is like a trip worth sharing, which, these days, means worth filming.


Cameras nowadays have gained so much popularity not only because of its designs and photo quality but because of so many significant usage as well. Because of cameras, may it be in film or digital, communication, education, preservation of history and shared memories in any form of celebration and even promoting companies and business have been a lot easier and handy.


People today can share and update their loved ones about anything in social medias through capturing photos and videos. For us to treasure that moment, a camera phone would be easiest, an SLR would be the highest quality. But there was one essential piece of kit that can cater all of those: a GoPro.

 GoPro line up goclear

GoPro Hero 4 Series (Source: www.gopro.com)


The GoPro is an HD-quality, waterproof, video recording device. It is a well renowned gadget because it is very small and compact, yet it can deliver amazingly crystal-clear videos. According to many users, the GoPro is more than a camera. It is an idea that can create many other ideas, hence, making it the highest selling brand of cameras. GoPro is the action camera of choice as it is lightweight, compact, and mountable.


On the other side, most users don’t have much complains on the specs and techs of the device. What they are concerned of is the output it usually produce under certain conditions especially in water environment. Based on most users’ experiences in the midst of their adventure, they were surprised in seeing smudges, tiny water drops, and even mud on their screens that are oh-so-disturbing and doesn’t contribute anything except ruining that once in a lifetime and precious moment.


goclear no more drops for gopro 

(Source: www.clicklikethis.com)

So annoying, right? Because of this, a new product was made that promises to give all of those problems an end. An invention that will bring clarity and limitless boundaries to the adventures of GoPro users. An invention that is tested and proven to deliver its purpose. An invention that we call GoClear Hydrophobic Lens.


GoClear Hydrophobic Lens Protector (Source: www.recordwithoutlimits.com)


Regarded as the no. 1 hydrophobic and anti-scratch GoPro lens protector, GoClear was able to maintain its spot and satisfy its customers since the date of its release. It utilizes the best kind of hydrophobic protection in repelling even the dirtiest water drop from its lens. With an added anti-scratch protection together with its incomparable clarity, GoClear never fails in giving its users excellent footages every single time, even under worst conditions.


For all GoPro users out there, this small tool is a must on your devices. With its promising features, the GoClear Hydrophobic Lens has been tested and proven and was able to generate good results and feedbacks from its users. Clear and stunning photos and videos with happy faces in it were shared all over the web regarding their GoClear experience. With GoClear, video recording will never be the same again.


Say never again to splashes and water drops!

 goclear no more drops for gopro

Still have doubts on how effective GoClear is? Watch this solution test by Juan Ramirez before your own eyes!


Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3RXcjFn5Pc


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