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January 13, 2016 2 Comments

Filming around water with your GoPro is one of the reasons you chose a GoPro right? Well then like me you’ve probably wasted tons of megabytes and adrenaline on footage, spoiled by one very large, unwelcome water drop.

 Without GoClear hydrophobic protector shows drops on Gopro footage - reduce drops for upto 5 months with the goclear hydrophobic protectors for gopro

An all too familiar sight?


So how do you keep water drops/spot/blur off your GoPro lens, some people choose to apply RainX. However this is not recommended. You have to reapply constantly and according to their website it is not recommended for plastics as it may cloud up the lens over time.

Whats the answer then?

GoClear Hydrophobic protectors repel water for up to 5 months and is the #1 selling hydrophobic/anti-scratch protector. The original GoClear protector utilises the very best in hydrophobic protection to repel even the dirtiest water drop from the lens. Added anti-scratch protection matched with unparalleled clarity gives outstanding recordings every time, even in the worst of conditions.

Designed for water it is perfect for any extreme-sport. Owing to its silicon based adhesive it is fully submersible whilst retaining extra long lasting hydrophobic protection.  


No more water drops on Gopro lens with goclear hydrophobic lens protectors for Gopro

 Enjoy drop free footage every time,

Record Without Limits.




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June 30, 2017

This didn’t work at all.

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November 21, 2016

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