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July 30, 2017 2 min read 5 Comments

Dry Port vs Wet port?

So what are people talking about when it comes to dry vs wet ports for GoPro?

Firstly, the term port, refers to the lens. With the GoPro we call it a flat port, alternately to the older GoPros that had dome ports.

Wet Port Technique:

This technique involves leaving a thin film of water over the GoPro lens. This way, the water evenly spreads over the lens. In theory this reduces the affect water can have on the lens, we disagree though!

How do you achieve this effect?

You need to make the surface of the lens Hydrophilic (attracts water), this can be achieved by using anti-fog solutions/body oil(from corner of nose). GoPro’s lens actually comes out of the box slightly hydrophilic.

The Problem with Wet Port:

With the hydrophilic wet port technique actually attracts water drops, large drops that can destroy footage are increased with this technique. We also found that water-blur (when coming in and out of water) is very disruptive to footage and often takes several seconds to clear.

GoPro water blur and water drops can be prevented and reduced with water repelling hydrophobic GoPro lens protectors from XCLEAR/GoClear

Particularly with surfing, water blur can mean you miss important shots. 

Dry Port Technique:

This technique involves using a hydrophobic surface (repels water). This is the chosen technique of our XCLEAR protectors. The system isn't 100%, butwill allow the majority of your footage to be useable in your edits unlike with wet port/nothing. XCLEAR protectors repel the large drops that truly destroy GoPro footage, and water blur is non existent (something us surfers hate when coming in and out of the water).

We tested both techniques, and in our experience, dry port techniques reign supreme. We hope this gives you some understanding of these terms when deciding how to conquer the dreaded water-drop.

Goclear XCLEAR hydrophobic protectors for GoPro repel, prevent and reduce water drops for GoPro lasting up to six months better than rainX one application 6 months longer than anything else on the market. Better than GoSpot

CREDIT: Shot with the XCLEAR protector by Rick Iossi

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